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CatsCubby Wooden Cat Condo

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A space to call homeÖ  Cats love to find new places to hide, nap and play.   And cats need to have their own territories to feel safe.  Our new CatsCubby offers privacy and comfort for cats to call their own.

On top of CatsCubby is also a great spot to perch. Made of natural pine with PVC woven fiber ëcurtainsí.

The CatsCubby has 4 rolling casters recessed on the bottom, allowing the piece to roll fairly easily.  Additionally, the top is removeable, not permanently fastened (for cleaning and more access to your cat).

Assembly is required.

DESIGN that complements your own furniture!

Cat furniture doesnít need to look out-of-place in your home.

15.75 inches(D) X 15.75 inches(W) X 15.75 inches(H) 18 lbs

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  • $249.00