Give Your Cat the Moon, the Sun & the Stars with these Whimsical Cat Wall Shelf Components

Posted by Amy 09/30/2015 0 Comment(s)







You've got to see this new, interesting and beautiful wall-mounted cat climbing system that features the Luna, a large, ornate moon, as well as stunning, large Solar Sun cat shelf, a cloud with a fun see-through acrylic bottom, and Twinkle star climbing steps.




Mix and match these gorgeous handcrafted solid wood components to create a wall-mounted cat playground and lounge space for your cat(s) that will serve as a true conversation piece in your home.



Designed by a team with a deep sense of beauty, these beautiful wood pieces highlight the warm accents of rich wood.  Each piece is made with precision and a high level of quality control procedures, resulting in a gorgeous furniture-grade creation that both you and your pet will love for years to come.



Build your system today, or, start with a single piece and add on over time. 



The sky (literally) is the limit!



moon shaped cat wall shelf