Cat Trees That Look Like Real Trees

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When is a cat tree REALLY a cat tree?


When it LOOKS just like a real tree!  Some of our most popular cat tree styles are those that look like real cat trees.  We offer a great selection of trees in a variety different types, all of which resemble real, live trees.


First, our trees similar to the Seedling Lifelike Cat Tree shown on the right contain real tree branches are skillfully decorated with silk leaves. This provides a natural scratching post for your cat. Crafted of wood, cedar, plush carpeting and synthetic silk leaves, these beautiful trees bring out the kitten in you cat. They feature removable carpet for ease of care.


Movement, rustling and flexibility when your cat climbs; brings out their natural animal instinct of curiosity.  Along these same lines, another line of very popular cat trees with real silk leaves are the Luxury Cat Tree line.  These great trees come in small, medium and large size options, and can be accented with coordinating cat wall shelves with leaves!


cat wall planters

Our innovative Luxury Cat Tree addresses the needs of both cats and cat owners who look for a product which promotes exercise and relaxation and also adds an aesthetic value to the home. 

Once on the Luxury Cat Tree, your feline friend will jump from perch to perch, hide, scratch, peek through the leaves and will lie down and relax on carpet and turf. 

"This is a wonderful product. It only took about 5 minutes to put together and the tree is actually pretty attractive (compared to those scratchers that are covered in carpet). Our cat loves to lay on the top and spy out the window behind the leaves." 
-- Allison



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