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68 inch Sky House Cat Tree

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This tree with its large 16"x16" x14" house on top has room for two!! A great place to get away from it all!! This tree comes with one 16"x16" shelf and two 12"x16" shelves. Attached to the center wood pole and braced the shelves will support over 100lbs.

The 68" tall tree has a sturdy 24"x24" base, wobble-free and stable.

5 Minute Assembly Required.

  • Large 16x16x14 House on Top
  • Wide Wobble Free 24x24 Base
  • 3 Shelves for Climbing
  • Made of Solid Wood. No Paper Tubing or Pressed Wood
  • Weighs Approx 100 Pounds Very Sturdy
  • Option to Add Sisal to the Front Legs
  • Adding Sisal will Add Years to the Life of The Tree
  • 10 Different Colors to Choose From

To speed up the process of building your order, please select a first and second choice for carpet colors. Remember, the shades of carpet may vary from what is shown here for a variety of reasons. We will do our best to match the carpet you get with the colors you choose.

If you have no 2nd choice , please choose the same color for both 1st and 2nd choice!

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