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41 inch Corner Tower - FLASH SALE - ONE ONLY

SALE       SHIPS FREE 41 inch Corner Tower - FLASH SALE - ONE ONLY

One of a kind FLASH SALE .  This is a 41 Inch Corner Tower comes with ALL 4 LEGS IN SISAL! A $95 value FREE. Once this item sells, no more at this deep discount price.  Comes in the beige carpet.

This newest Corner Tower is 41" tall and has two 12"x16" shelves and topped with a large 16" sleeping tub with a 4" lip. Purr-fect for curling up in and solving the world's problems. The three solid wood posts are attached to our wide 20"x20" wobble-free base. Put this Corner Tower in a sunny location and you-know-who will be you-know-where all day long. Shipped fully assembled it's ready for your room.

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