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39 Inch Tri-Level Corner Cat Tree

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This new piece stands approximately 39 inches tall, and is fantastic for multiple cat households.  Designed for corner placement to save space in your home but works well anywhere, even as a window perch!

All solid wood construction brings a hefty weight of approximately 36 pounds!

The fully symmetrical design makes all the weight stay on top of the 20 X 20 inch base to provide maximum stability and proper weight displacement.  The top tray is also a sizeable 20x20 inches.  Assembled with rough threaded drywall screws to prevent loosening over time.

Available with one, two or three legs in sisal. 

Adding sisal helps your cats maintain healthy nails, adds a longer life to your tree and saves your sofa!   

Minor Assembly Required.

To speed up the process of building your order, please select a first and second choice for carpet colors. Remember, the shades of carpet may vary from what is shown here for a variety of reasons. We will do our best to match the carpet you get with the colors you choose.

If you have no 2nd choice , please choose the same color for both 1st and 2nd choice!


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