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36 inch Lazy Lounge Cat Tower

SALE 36 inch Lazy Lounge Cat Tower

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This Lazy Lounge Cat Tower stands approximately 36 inches tall with a 18x15 Tray on the top and a 12x16 Tray in the middle. Plenty of room to curl up and watch the birds or take a nap.
The 2 1/2 inch high framing around the top tray adds a sense of security and comfort for your kitty.
Our Wide Wobble-Free base measures 20x20 and provides total stability, and being fully symmetrical, provides maximum weight displacement. 
Add Sisal to one of both legs for added life to your tree. 
Ships Fully Assembled
Adding sisal helps your cats maintain healthy nails and adds a longer life to your tree and saves your sofa! 
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