Wall Mounted Cat Shelf

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This wall-mounted shelf offers a great option for environment enrichment for you cat. Put it next to a window, above a Madison Cat Tree, our Cat Stairs or create Cat Wall Art by using several of our shelves and stairs. You can mix and match our wall-mounted units to let your cat bound up to any height!

Painted shelves are made from birch veneer plywood, and stained shelves are made from oak veneer plywood.

It can hold up to 50 lbs. of cat!

Choose from the following widths:

  • 17.75 inches wide
  • 23.75 inches wide
  • 35.75 inches wide
  • 47.75 inches wide
  • 59.75 inches wide

All shelves are 7.75"H x 11-1/2"D

The carpet insert is tucked under the beveled edge of the wood and secured with hook and loop (aka Velcro!). These can easily be removed for cleaning or replacement.

How to Mount Wall Units
We'll include some wall-mounting screws like this with any shelf or stair. (The screws you get might look a little different.) These screws are intended to mount your unit on half-inch drywall, which is what most people have. If you have some other kind of wall, please ask for mounting hardware at your hardware store.

You will need a pencil, a drill, a level and a phillips-head screwdriver.

First, put your cats out of the room. They'll want to "help"! Trust us on this point.

Next, decide where you want your shelves and stairs to be. You'll have to judge how far your cat can comfortably jump to reach each unit. Once you have a position, put the unit up against the wall and use the level to be sure it's horizontal. Then mark each of the holes with a pencil.

Drill a hole of about 1/4" through the drywall for each mounting screw, then twist in the plastic mounting anchor or tap it in with the butt of the screwdriver. Important: don't use the screws without the plastic anchors, because they won't hold in drywall.

When the plastic anchors are in place, put the shelf back against the wall and put in the screws through the holes in the wood and into the plastic anchors. Important: you must screw the mounting screws all the way down, so that the wood backing of the shelf or stair is flat against the wall. If there's space between the wall and the wood, the shelf will not be stable.br

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  • $62.00
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    Just got these shelves and am very happy with the quality and workmanship of them. I bought several shelves and have them running up the wall to a huge shelf. The cats love it and the carpet keeps them from slipping as they chase each other around. The wood matches my décor beautifully and because they are REAL wood and not those pressed particle board products from China - there is NO smell or wondering if there are toxic chemicals in the product. I love that these products are made in the USA and very happy to be supporting the people making them. Give this shelf a HUGE thumbs up!!

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