Wall Cat Perch

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Product Code: 160-TVC-129
Availability: Custom made in 21 - 30 biz days

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This wall mounted Cat Perch has carpet and offers a great contemporary option to add vertical space for your cats' environment. The Perch takes up only 11-1/2" of wall space on your wall and juts out 22-1/2" for your cat's comfort. 

Painted perches are made from birch veneer plywood, and stained perches are made from oak veneer plywood.

This versatile shelf is a key part of our Wall Climbing System for Cats and it can be used as a standalone piece or in combination with our other cat trees and wall mounted cat walks, shelves, tunnels and stairs. Put it below or next to a window, above a Madison Cat Tree, or as a stepping stone to our Cat Shelf. You can mix and match our wall-mounted pieces to let your cat bound up to any height!

The only suggestion we make on placement for our Cat Perch is that it be placed out of the way in a corner, next to a piece of furniture or up high where you won't run into it so it does not become an obstacle.

The carpet insert is tucked under the beveled edge of the wood and secured with hook and loop (aka Velcro!). These can be removed for cleaning or replacement. And guess what? Custom carpet colors are available, or we can even use your own carpet if you want to supply it.

Measurement: 11-1/2"W x 8"H x 22-1/2"D

Wall mounting anchors are included.

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  • $69.00
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    I found this shelf on sale and took a chance with it. All of these cat shelves are so expensive that I almost always decide against the purchase by the time I get to check out, especially because they tack on a ridiculous shipping charge (up to $40 for one shelf!) but I decided to try it for under my skylight. The only problem is that I need shelves to go all the way around my bedroom so they can get to the skylight. The only reason I was able to go through with this purchase is because I found the first reasonably priced shelves I had ever seen on Etsy. I think a picture showed up on Google because it was very hard for me to get back to it again. In any event, it cost less than $100 to go all around the room with carpeted shelves and that permitted me to try this shelf which is elegant and very nice. It is of very high quality. Still, the big find were the affordable ones-- real wood, hand painted AND carpeted.

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