CatastrophiCreations Vertical wall-mounted Sisal Cat Pole

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This is a Sisal Pole that is mounted between two smaller shelves. The top shelf has multiple layers of burlap, so that cats can climb off of the pole with ease. It's a great way for your cats to reach higher shelves or just to stretch on after a long nap.

Lylah, our newest addition, is obsessed with sisal and flew right to the wall when we put the piece up, at times guarding the top.

You need to have a stud where the piece is mounted. The pole is 4" wide and it has solid wood shelves on each end for mounting the pole. The top an bottom pieces of wood are 11" deep and 5.5" wide. The shelves pictured around it are not included

Up until now, we have just been catering to their climbing and vertical space necessities. We have created a piece that will complete any wall playplace perfectly. They can eat, sleep, scratch and play all within the confines of your walls, all while saving your floor space.

*This piece is shipped in two sections and should be glued together before mounting (we include all glue and accesories in the order)

Choose from a variety of heights.

NOTE: The Shelf at the top right side of the Vertical Pole DOES NOT come with this item.

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  • $64.99
    | 3 reviews

    cats love these!! They use them everyday!!!!!!!
    | 3 reviews

    I purchased this product and I'm very happy with the quality and looks. My 6 month old cat uses it all the time to climb up, my 8 year old not so much. Neither cat can master going down the pole, they go about 1/3 of the way down and then jump the rest of the way. I ended up installing several of the floating Sisal Wall Posts for the cats to use as "steps". The diversity of the products by this manufacturer allowed me to mix and match the steps, platforms and poles so that they are coordinated. One other item - do not install it to far from the floor, the cats need to be able to get both front and back paws on the pole to climb up.
    | 3 reviews

    This product will really make happy cats, and will keep cats off my keyboard!!! Great product!

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