Tub Sleeper Cat Window Perch

Price: $76.99
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Product Code: 005-9000003075
Availability: Custom made in 10-15 biz days

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The Tub Sleeper Window Perch is purr-fect for those lazy sunny days. Mounts in seconds on most any opening windows (with or without a sill) and since it is not screwed into your window can be moved easily to any window in your home. Our mounting system makes it safe and secure. Your pets will enjoy hours bird watching, people watching
or just napping in their favorite sunny spot!!

If you have a soild pane window we can modify it to work there as well. Please contact us for more details before ordering.

Many different colors to choose from. Easy assembly required.

17" inside diameter
3 1/2" sides


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  • $76.99
    | 6 reviews

    My cat has rejected most of the things I have ever bought her but she adores this tub. It is well made and she spends hours of every day in it. With the exchange rate and postage to Australia it cost me about $200 but I have definitely got my moneys worth on this excellent piece of furniture. Recommended.
    | 6 reviews

    Fabulous window perch. Very heavy duty and will last for many years. I owned one made from Catsplay years ago and gave it away when I lost my cat . I have a newly adopted cat and bought the tub type perch and she loves it. Wouldn't even consider buying a window perch from anywhere else. This company knows how to build quality cat items! Thank you.
    | 6 reviews

    I have a few of these perches, my cats LOVE them, you will see throught the day a few of them in each one just laying on their back, sun in the face. These perches are the BEST.
    | 6 reviews

    My beautiful Siamese fur baby had fallen from the window sill twice while falling soundly asleep in the sun. The last time his tooth went through his little lip. I went searching for something safe for him to sleep in. This is a wonderful. I would never buy anything with suction cups, which come loose and would dump them on the floor, causing injuries. This is PURRFECT! The only problem, I bought two (2) and now the other fur babies have them occupied and my poor Siamese fur baby has a hard time claiming stake to his window sill. Too bad I can't upload a picture. It is too cute and such a great, safe idea.
    | 6 reviews

    Absolutely LOVE this tub perch -- and so do my two cats! This is the first product I've purchased that does not go to waste or remains abandoned after a while. I purchased two initially and, after getting the reaction I did from both cats, I purchased two more to replace the existing flat window perches I had that went unused. Now, the cats have one in each of their bedrooms plus one in the dining room and the last one will go in the living room when it arrives. My youngest cat stays in the one in the dining room practically all day long either sleeping or just looking out the window. Best purchase I ever made! Would highly recommend this product.
    | 6 reviews

    Purchased this Tube Sleeper for my growing kitten three years ago. Product is well made and will last for a long time to come. My 26 pound Maine coon fits snugly into or other times hangs himself over the edges as only he sees fit. The fabric took a little time to air out so that he would use it, a week or so. Now it is by far his favorite piece of furniture.

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