Outdoor Redwood Cat Enclosure - Standard Wire

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Winner of CatFancy Editor's Choice Award for Best New Product !

Allow your cats the out-of-doors.... Safely! Twenty-One sizes to choose from.

Standard (Cat) Wire (2" x 3" opening).

All kits are made of solid Redwood and Galvanized Steel wire with 3 sides and a top, (the 4th side is the wall of your home), or can be made Free Standing (by adding a 4th side; see related products ).

The actual panel size is 22 1/2" x 70 1/2", making the actual size of the Enclosure is slightly smaller than the named size.

Also included are 3 adjustable standard shelves, (22-1/2" x 7-1/2") and a full-sized door so you can enter too! Minimal assembly is required.

The enclosure is completely pre-assembled and then partially disassembled. You will receive the full-size panels completed with the wire attached; the door hinges and door are in place as are all latches and screws. To assemble simply place panels next to each other and tighten screws. The kit comes with complete, easy to read instructions, including drawings.

Since the panels you receive are full-size, nearly 6' long, they will be shipped in oversized boxes at a somewhat higher shipping cost. This is done in order to make assembling your Cat Enclosure Kit very easy!

Regular Enclosure Kits - 6' wide by variable depth

6', 8', 10', 12', 14', and 16' deep kits available online

Wide Enclosure Kits - 6' deep by variable width

6', 8', 10', 12', 14', or 16' wide kits are available online

Optional 4th Wall

Make your kit a free-standing, 4-sided enclosure.  For a 6' wide x 6' tall Enclosure Kit

Optional Shade Cloth

Shade Cloth protects your cats from the hot sun and harmful UV rays. Our shade cloth provides 80% UV blocking! 

Optional Shelves

Build onto your cat enclosure with extra shelves.  Allow kitties an extra place to run,  jump, play and sleep on.

  • Regular Size: 22.5 in.  x 7.5 in.
  • Extra Wide:  22.5 in.x 11.5 in




| 2 reviews

The redwood cat enclosure we ordered from you is Awesome !! It is perfect in size and quality...even better then pictured. We are very happy ! We do want to order 3 additional extra wide shelves for it. Want to make sure of timing and delivery so sending you an e mail. Thank you.
| 2 reviews

Someone really thought about the design of this catio. It's well-conceived and well-constructed ... and it goes together LOGICALLY. That's kind of a big deal. It took a person reasonably fluent in basic construction just under four hours, from ripping open the first carton (helpfully marked "instructions in here") to double-checking the double-lock on the door and then letting the cats out in their new, safe outdoor space. We added a few screws to improve the rigidity of the structure, and because of the slope of my deck, we ended up adding a pair of shims under one corner. Otherwise, though, the kit anticipated and fulfilled every requirement we had. The next step up from this kit would be more permanent and way more expensive. As it is, I expect several years of feline delight with this enclosure.

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