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Kitty Hollow Cat Tree Kitty Hollow Cat Tree Kitty Hollow Cat Tree Kitty Hollow Cat Tree Kitty Hollow Cat Tree Kitty Hollow Cat Tree Kitty Hollow Cat Tree

Kitty Hollow Cat Tree

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The Kitty Hollow is a series of trees for: climbing in or on; running through it or on it; hiding on the in-side shelves or lounging and sunning on the out-side shelves. This tree is PURR-FECT!!

The Kitty Hollow is 12" in diameter. The 63" comes with a base and top that are 24" x 24". The 63" is the only size available. The smaller sizes have been discontinued.

There is an entrance to the tree located at the base of all the trees. It is located in the back of the tree, you know, a secret entrance. A small portion of the outside shelves are inside the trunck to make it easy to get to the top. The top of the tree has a nice rolled edge on three sides to snuggle up against. The top is solid there is no exit hole on the top this gives a much larger surface for lounging and sunning.

Assembly required.

Colors are Factory select Brown Base, Beige Trunk and Green Leaf and top. Factory Select Colors may vary from colors pictured.

Check out this video of some Maine Coons playing on their TWO Kitty Hollows, with wall shelves:

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  • $553.49
    | 15 reviews

    Not just for cats.. We have a large cat family and also ferrets, both love this tree! We just finished putting it together, which I have to say was EASY and QUICK! The cats & ferrets immediately started investigating. It's large enough for both to enjoy at the same time. The shelves are a good size even for my larger cats. We have a HUGE Maine Coon that's claimed the very top as hers. Yes, the price is a little higher than most cat towers but this is extremely well made and sturdy! I also love that it looks like an actual tree. There's nothing else out there quite like this tree. I may be back for a second one in the near future. 5 stars all the way!
    | 15 reviews

    Very, very solid tree. It is expensive, but I do not expect our cats to destroy it in three or four months like they have done with the $200 trees. While they can pluck out the carpeting, it is so lush that once you sweep up the threads off the floor, it is very hard to know the cat did anything to it. We got the 63" tall model and it is solid as heck. Our bengals are brutal on trees but I expect this one to maybe (they are bengals... and determined) last their whole lives. My only complaints are the screws do not have all the predrilled holes they need, and the carpet can be wrecked some, but I'm not sure it matters too much about the carpet. All and all, very satisfied in SF.
    | 15 reviews

    love this tree, and every cat I have(4 now, but 7 before) love this tree. sleeping and playing, well made, and very wel designed for my athritic bengel.
    | 15 reviews

    This is a really good product. Everything arrived as promised and when assembled it looked just like the picture presented here. One thing I want to mention is the wood screws provided could be a little shorter by about 1/2 inch but other then that I'm really happy with this,
    | 15 reviews

    This tree is worth EVERY Penny. Cats gravitate to this tree like a bee on honey. It is so strong, sturdy and solid. As a Breeder I have had MANY trees over the years. None even come close to the quality of Trees and Condo's I have purchased from this company. They are superior in EVERY Way....
    | 15 reviews

    While the large cat tree was more expensive than some others, my cats have LOVED it. It is so much more fun for them than conventional posts. Even my older cats - 13 years - have gotten quite frisky on the tree. It is next to their wall ramps and they use it constantly. It has been worth every penny spent!
    | 15 reviews

    This is the fourth kitty hollow cat tree that I have purchased. The cat trees are much more attractive then the typical cat trees; they are like furniture that blends with the rest of our chairs and sofas. The cats love it; however, they rarely venture inside the hollow now that my cats are mature. When they were kittens they loved climbing up inside. Regardlness, they are sturdy and the cats can jump to the platforms but they love climbing up the outside of the tree trunk on the 63 inch high cat tree. They are more expensive but in my opinion they are worth the money.
    | 15 reviews

    Awesome ! The cats love it. The only complaint was the price. It was a bit expensive for a cat tree... Thank you Mike
    | 15 reviews

    I can't say enough good things about these cat trees. They look great and both of my cats were instantly attracted to them. My cats can almost always be found on or near their trees.
    | 15 reviews

    Our awesome and handsome cat tree arrived in good shape last Wednesday, and I made my husband do the minor assemblage before we left for a 5-day road trip so the kitties could investigate and Magoo could start making it his home during our absence. David (said hubby) did a fine job of screwing the top portion of the tree, and it’s worked out very well. Magoo is happy as a clam on his tree. THANK YOU for your fine product!
    | 15 reviews

    The cat trees came out beautifully, my cats love them. They look nice and are very sturdy.
    | 15 reviews

    I received the cat tree a couple of days ago and I was really impressed with the construction and the workmanship.. it looks so elegant. The colors are just perfect and best of all my cat loves it. He was all over it … wouldn’t get off. It was worth the extra cost to ship to Melbourne AUS and I want to thank you for all your help.
    | 15 reviews

    Our kitties love this tree and all of the nooks and crannies inside and out to surprise each other and us (watch your hands!). The top flat area is very much loved and is big enough for 2 large cats to share a snooze. Beautiful design - it looks really super cool in our place. Highly recommend it.
    | 15 reviews

    Ann writes, You asked for photos, of my cats with their new Hollow Kitty Tree. Here are a few. As you can see, they love it!I did have to sprinkle a little catnip all over it, so they'd get over the new smells. Shadow (female )is the gray/gray tabby, and Nudge is the orange one.
    | 15 reviews

    Dichele wrote us this nice note of praise for the Kitty Hollow Cat Tree... We received your hollow cat tree yesterday, I have 8 cats. We didnt even get it out of the box and they swarmed it, they loved it and thats a compliment because this is cat condo number 9 i have in my home. I have never seen them so interested in a cat tree before. Once we fought them off to get it put together, they LOVED it. I will be ordering more of your products and also I hope its ok, i posted pics of the kitties on the tree on my FB page and put your web site if anyone is interested in buying the best product out there. I am linked to over 4k animal lovers, advocates, rescues and shelters, smile. Thank you again. When my fur babies are happy, momma is happy, lol

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