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 Luxury Cat Tree - Round Base Zoom
 Luxury Cat Tree - Round Base  Luxury Cat Tree - Round Base  Luxury Cat Tree - Round Base  Luxury Cat Tree - Round Base  Luxury Cat Tree - Round Base  Luxury Cat Tree - Round Base  Luxury Cat Tree - Round Base

Luxury Cat Tree - Round Base

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Cat Resort is a beautifully designed replica tree that will bring fun, exercise, relaxation and comfort to your indoor cat.

The innovative patent pending design revolutionizes the unattractive cat condo.

Each Cat Resort unit consists of a handmade patented tree supported by a base and three perches for your cat to explore, jump or simply relax. Silk leaves provide privacy, your cat's own hiding spot and a place for your cat to play.

  • Comes apart in 4 sections for easy shipping & cleaning
  • Perches swivel for positioning and each have their own entrance
  • Removable carpets on perches for cleaning and replacement
  • Assembles in less than 3 minutes with no nails, screws or tools
  • Adds a decorative touch to your home while serving your cats needs.

Approximately 5 feet high

Base 26 Inch base diameter

3 Perches...26 Inches....22Inches....18 Inches

Approx. 40 LBS


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  • $369.99
    | 5 reviews

    My cats really like this tree. It's their little private jungle space. Glad I bought it!
    | 5 reviews

    Good quality, easy to assemble, looks nice in my home and the kitten loves it! Worth the price for me.
    | 5 reviews

    I've looked for a long time to find the "perfect" cat tree for my townhouse. Many of the carpeted ones just don't interest my cats. I was randomly searching in Google when I first saw the CatPlay products. Though a little more than I'd hoped to pay, I took a chance on the Luxury Cat Tree. My cat loves it! It took him a few times to get used to moving from one pedestal to another, but now it's old home. He sleeps there and plays there (mostly on the top level). He uses the base for scratching his claws. He used to be an outdoor cat, and the Luxury Cat Tree helps satisfy his need to be in the wild.
    | 5 reviews

    Looks great and kitty loves it! Would recommend.
    | 5 reviews

    I have Siamese and Bengal kittens and they love this thing.. It's very easy to assemble, and very sturdy. I put it near a large window. The leaves give them a great feeling of privacy and the out doors. However I'd have to say that it's overpriced due to the fact that my kittens very easily pick off the leaves.. Everyday I find leaves so in a year or two the thing will be bare lol

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