Baobab Modern Cat Tree

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Dimensions: 60"H x 23"W x 23"D
Top: 23"W x 23"D
Branches: 15W" x 11D"

*Base materials made from laminated fiberboard (SDF) with 100% recycled wood fiber
* Large and small insert for top and 4 small inserts for branches/steps
* Black phillips low profile screws 
* Non-skid rubber feet


Baobab is a very large tree native to Africa and Australia. Our Baobab is much smaller, but is sure to become your cat's new home within your home. The 4 branches are designed for climbing and playing, while the 5' treetop is a perfect place to rest, observe, or scratch. Catnip can be placed behind or rubbed onto the inserts to further entice scratching and playing.




* Velcro backed removable inserts allow you to vacuum, clean, or replace
* No corrugated cardboard mess to clean-up
* Many different insert colors and textures to choose from
* Inserts are recessed into Base Material, so the edges are not exposed
* Looped pile carpets are not used, due to snagging on cat claws
* Easy assembly with phillips screw-driver
* Made in Portland, Oregon USA



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