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Posted by in New Products on Jul 30, 2015 .

We've added a unique new cat furniture product line that incorporates faux leather into its design. Over the next few weeks we will be showcasing some of the different pieces. Here's a sneak peek at tomorrow's email newsletter featuring the Deluxe Hypranest Cat Tree. Save $75 on this design for a limited time!




Paul M. sent us these photos of his excellent cat wall shelf installation.  He said, "Thank you CatsPlay for the advice and furnishings. Boo Schaub and Princess Katya Mittens are very happy ‪#‎happykitty‬ ‪#‎spoiltkitty‬ ‪#‎katyamittens‬"


Wow! Look at this fantastic picture that customer Diane sent us showing her cats enjoying their new cat wall climbing system. The Peeking Cat Wall Decal, also available at CatsPlay Cat Furniture, is the absolute perfect touch.  Design a wall system to fit your layout by choosing pieces from our large selection of wall options.


Owners of carpeted cat trees and cat furniture often struggle with the problem of cat hair getting stuck and matted on the carpeting.  This matted hair can actually be very difficult, if not impossible to remove by vacuuming or using wire cat hair brushes.

We recently heard that a great way to clean this cat hair and restore furniture to like new condition is to use rubber cleaning gloves.  We finally decided to give this method a try this morning and WOW - it really DOES work!

It is important that you get the rubber gloves that have some nubs on the surface and fingertips.  We will post a photo below of the gloves that we...

New! Great Prices on Adjustable Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Towers

Your cat will be sure to scale new heights with a selection from our floor-to-ceiling adjustable cat towers.  The heights of these cat playgrounds can be adjusted and can be secured to the ceiling using our spring-activated ceiling attachment.

Choose a model that fits your size needs, or create the ultimate playground for your cat by combining more than one of these unique pieces.



New! Natural Wood Cat Stratching Posts with Ultra Plush Beds

These gorgeous new cat trees feature beautiful natural wood posts wrapped in sisal, creating durable scratching surfaces for your cat. The design is accentuated with ultra-soft, plush long-haired plush covers for the ultimate in kitty lounging (removable and machine washable).

Choose from three different sized models, or create the ultimate playground for your cat by combining more than one of these unique pieces.



Channel your cat’s curiosity with our collection of interactive strategy games designed to stimulate each of your cat’s
five senses
. Enrich your cat’s life by engaging them in a great mental workout with this interesting variety of interactive cat toys!

Starting at $14.99


Introducing Fun, New Indoor Outdoor Wooden Cat Houses!



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