48 Inch Cradle Sleeper

Price: $163.99
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The 48 inch Cradle Sleeper is perfect for one or more cats. On a sturdy 20"x20" base to support its height of 48 inches, we've perched two terrific sleep spots - 1 16" sleep tub and a sleep cradle that is an ample 18" long. Choose optional sisal legs for the perfect scratching post.

Requires Some Minor Assembly

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  • $163.99
    | 4 reviews

    My cat, Donovan, loves his new perches. Although he still prefers sitting on or near me, he frequently sits on the middle or top level. He also enjoys the jute-wrapped legs; even though he was declawed by his previous owners, he likes to rub his front paws on the scratchy surfaces. I'm so glad I got this sturdy piece for him. He gets new places to relax and also to jump and stretch, which is good for keeping him healthy at age 10. Happy cat, happy me! PS this is not quite "fully assembled." Had to ask a friend to bring over his power screwdriver to attach the top perch.
    | 4 reviews

    "I arrived home after work to find the cat furniture on my doorstep today. Although the blue was not as dark as I had hoped, it works nicely with my decor. The quality of the carpet is great and the machine wrapped sisal posts are excellent. The shipping cardboard wardrobe box was great quality, as well. Bruno is only 15 lbs. but very athletic/active with a long and lanky body. He is loving his well deserved big boy, simple yet elegant, piece of cat furniture. I hope to send you a photo later. I also want to thank Brian who kindly called me regarding alternative color choices. That was above and beyond. Please share with him how pleased Bruno and I are with our purchase."
    | 4 reviews

    My two 12 pound cats love this. Wobbles just a bit if they are jumping onto it, so if I could change one thing it would be for it to be a little heavier. But it's still a great buy and very simple to put together.
    | 4 reviews

    Susan W. writes to us about her48 Inch Cradle Sleeper... Our cats were up all night playing! They love it; but, we might have to rent a hotel room so that we can get some sleep. Thanks for the great unit.

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