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36 Inch Outdoor or Indoor Cat Tree, Eco Friendly Cedar, Rustic - 2 Levels, 3 Platforms Zoom

36 Inch Outdoor or Indoor Cat Tree, Eco Friendly Cedar, Rustic - 2 Levels, 3 Platforms

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This Outdoor Cat Tree, all cedar construction, eco friendly, stands up to the weather, rustic finish, 36" tall 2 levels and three platforms

Solid wood construction will stand up to the elements - no plywood or particle board is ever used.

The wide, stable base extends 18" in each direction for an overall footprint of 36" x 36" on this 3 level, 3 perch model (with a double perch on top so both your top cats can have the top spot).   That makes our outdoor cat trees exceptionally stable, and the 71" height of our tallest model lets your kitty get above it all. All the levels make a great napping spot or observation deck if your kitty likes to keep an eye on things - as most cats do! 

Assembly required


  • Dimensions:
    36" tall
    40" x 40" base (extends 20" out from the center post in each direction)
    Each platform is 18" x 14"
    2 levels, 3 platforms
    Levels are about 16" apart
  • Rustic unsanded finish, giving your cats the texture they crave.
  • Super strong, solid wood construction, absolutely no particle board or plywood.
  • No exposed hardware (except at the base) means no metal hot or cold spots - your kitty will thank you!
  • Sturdy center post is made from untreated eco friendly cedar 4 x 4" posts
  • Roomy shelves are also made from unfinished cedar.
  • Shelves are slatted so rain water won't puddle.
  • Stainless steel hardware at the base is rust resistant for years of enjoyment.
  • Designed for active, adventurous outdoor cats who may not have a real tree to climb!
  • Environmentally conscious 'green' manufacturing processes:
    • Sustainably harvested wood from responsibly managed local woodlots
    • Local sourcing of wood reduces carbon footprint from transportation.
    • No chemical treatments, preventing harsh chemicals from leeching into the ground and water supplies. Stains are not used or needed; left untreated, cedar turns a pleasing silver-gray with exposure to sunlight.
    • Absolutely no carpet - carpet is made from petrochemicals - 'nuff said!
    • Wood biodegrades - At the end of its long and useful life, cedar furniture won’t occupy any landfill space. Wood breaks down very quickly in landfills, less than 25 years. Plastics can take up to a millennium to decompose.
  • Unfinished cedar will provide many years of service outdoors - no finish is required.
  • Cedar is an excellent thermal insulator - that means that even on the hottest days, it is cool to touch, and on cold days it feels warmer.
  • Our cedar is natural and untreated 
  • Cedar absorbs and loses moisture slowly, which minimizes the dry cracking, splintering and swelling more characteristic of oak or pine.
  • Cedar has the US Forest Products Laboratory's highest rating for decay and disease resistance.
  • Fresh cedar odor is a mild insect repellent.
  • Our cedar products are shipped in their natural color, reddish tan to creamy white. The color changes evenly over time to a silver gray.  Water-based or oil stains will delay the weathering process.
  • Develops a weathered, silver grey patina in one year for most climates.
  • Assembly required - you'll need a Philips head screw driver, a 7/16" wrench or crescent wrench and a small hammer or mallet.
  • Hand made in the USA


Please note that over time as it continues to dry and cure, cedar normally will "check", which means it may develop slight cracks along the length of the logs used for the legs. 

Checking is a natural process that occurs as the cedar logs release moisture across or through the annual growth rings. It is usually most noticeable on edges and drilled holes, where there is more exposed surface area and drying. Checking adds uniqueness and character to the wood of a natural product. It does not affect the strength of the tree, nor does it affect the structural performance or integrity of the wood, and is not considered a defect.

What's Wrong with Pressure Treated Wood?

Pressure treated wood is commonly used in picnic tables, decks, playground sets -- basically any outdoor use of lumber.  What few outside of the lumber industry realize, is that 'pressure treated' means the wood is injected with vast amounts of toxic compounds to preserve the wood and kill termites.

The most commonly used wood preservative in the United States used to be chromated copper arsenate (CCA), an insecticide that is 22 percent pure arsenic, a known human carcinogen. As of Jan. 1, 2004. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned chromated copper arsenate (CCA) as a preservative for wood intended for residential use (except for the lumber that is used in permanent wood foundations). CCA-treated lumber will still be available for industrial and agricultural use, however, so be sure to read the labels carefully if you are buying wood for your own project.

The most common replacement for CCA is ACQ (alkaline copper quat), a less toxic organic pesticide. Though the lumber industry maintains that lumber treated with ACQ is safer for pets and children, no one really knows what the long term consequences may be. We see no reason to take a chance, and never use treated wood.

Cedar is not only beautiful, but naturally resistant to insects and the elements, a much safer choice for your family.  You can add a finish if you like to maintain the warm color of the wood, or you can leave it alone and it will weather to a beautiful silver.

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  • $280.00

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